Scanning & Document Distribution

We understand that sometimes digital documents are more practical than printed hard copies, so we also offer scanning and document distribution services.

Scanning Services

Our scanning services are available for all document types, including color and black & white in both large and small formats. Please specify the type of file you would like your document created in (PDF, JPG, TIF, etc.), as well as how you would like the files delivered to you and we’ll get started right away. We can write files to a CD or deliver them via email or FTP.

Document Management & Distribution

After scanning your documents to file, we will maintain a digital archive of the job. We can distribute drawings and specs to subcontractors per your instructions, or the subcontractors can contact us directly for the files.

We have years of experience managing large projects with multiple revisions and understand the importance of getting the right documents to the right people at the right time. We ship via FedEx, FedEx Ground or our own delivery vehicles for local jobs. We can also transfer information electronically via email or FTP if you’d prefer.